Mudpuppy Ultras

Independent Supporters for St. Charles FC

Hi Neighbor!

Welcome to our little puddle of the Big Muddy! We are independent, family-friendly supporters for the St. Charles FC USL W League and USL League 2 teams, and all soccer in the St. Louis region. We're passionate about our players, our community, and our environment. 

We're committed to cheering on the players and coaches that battle it out "in the mud" away from the spotlight. 

As far as supporters go, we like to consider ourselves the friendliest group of mudpuppies this side of the Mississippi. (Did you know the technical term for a group of mudpuppies is a maelstrom?) Feel free to poke around our little mud puddle here, and be sure to find us on the socials. We'd love if you followed along for good vibes and great soccer!

We might like to play in the mud, but we're not much for mudslingin'. We welcome all, so feel free to reach out online, stop by the pre-match maelstrom, or come cheer with us anytime!

Up the Pups!